Accounting Economics Consulting

HSNO – The Forensics Firm

The Financial Forensics division of Epps Forensic Consulting has joined HSNO – The Forensics Firm, a leading international forensic accounting firm.
If you have any questions or are looking to send us a
new assignment, please call or email Michael Haugen.

Michael Haugen, CPA/CFF, CFE Partner
Phoenix, AZ

Joe Epps is now a senior consultant for HSNO

To contact Joe Epps, please call 480-595-0943 or email him directly at

Investigation Preservation/Recovery Litigation

Epps Digital Forensics

The Digital Forensics division of Epps Forensic Consulting is now Epps Digital Forensics LLC, led by Karl Epps.

For Digital Forensics questions, contact Karl Epps at 602-463- 5544 or